Little Finches - English Apple - Wallpaper - £99 per roll

Little Finches - English Apple - Wallpaper - £99 per roll


Water activated wallpaper so no more messy glue.

Easy hanging with overlap.

Eco friendly water based pigments with no pvc.

Extra wide at 61cm x 370cm length.

Fade and scratch resistant.



    PREPARE. The wall or surface should be clean, dry and free of dust.


    MATERIALS. You will need a sponge, trough of water or use a bath, a Stanley knife and a dry cloth. Ladders and a tape measure if needed.


    HANGING. As Lux & Bloom wallpapers are water activated, the strips need to be saturated for best results. Use a trough of cool water or ¼ fill a bath and submerge your first strip until the piece is thoroughly soaked.


    Gently remove from the water and fold the reverse paste side in on itself from the top and bottom to meet in the middle and set aside to ‘rest’ for 3 -5 mins.


    Hang from left to right to ensure a smooth repeat across your wall. Starting from the upper left corner of the room, pick up your first strip, unfold the top only and work into the corner using a damp sponge over the surface. Once aligned unfold the bottom section and smooth over with the sponge again working downwards to remove any air bubbles.


    Repeat with the next strip using the 1 centimeter overlap strip on the left side of all our papers to help you match the pattern and give a seamless repeat design. The wallpapers may shrink by a very amount as they dry so when cutting around obstacles like a light switch make sure that you leave enough paper and cut back when completely dry with a sharp knife. Keep going repeating from left to right with each strip.


    Let the wallpapers dry for 3 hours before trimming the excess areas using a sharp knife. Wipe the wall with the damp sponge to remove any excess adhesive then wipe again with a dry cloth. Stand back and admire your work!


    *We recommend that you varnish the completed wall with Decorators Varnish which seals the paper and protects from damp, watermarks, finger prints, fading and light damage so you can even use our wallpapers in a kitchen or bathroom. This varnish is available in all good hardware stores, in Matt, Satin or Gloss finish so you have control over the exact surface effect you want to suit your home.

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